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Lamaze Activity Knot Toy
A great toy for tugging, pulling and holding great to help baby build on coordination and strength.
£8.99 £9.99
Lamaze Activity Spiral
The activity spiral expands to attach to car seats, carrier bars, strollers and cribs for versatile play.
£14.99 £15.99
Lamaze Bella The Bunny Blankie
Cute character blankie with plush animal head. Baby can play with the paws & explore the soft textured panels.
£8.99 £9.90
Lamaze Cheery Chirpers Flamingo
Hear cute chirps when the baby shakes the bird. Perfect for tiny hands to grab onto.
Lamaze Click Clack Zack
Click Clack Zack is a curious creature, with purpose made claws and legs to be chewed on! Perfect toy for your little teething one!
£11.49 £11.99
Lamaze Flip Flap Dragon
Simply pull on his chord and see his wings flip flap up and down!
£11.99 £12.99
Lamaze Freddie's On the Go Garden
Hidden under a patchwork umbrella that brings t.ogether a lively collection of different patterns little ones will love.
£10.49 £10.99
Lamaze Jelly Jinglefish
Your baby will love looking into jingles eyes because all around is a safe discovery mirror that will reflect the world around.
£11.99 £12.49
Lamaze Jungle Dreams  Cot Mobile
Colourful, jungle themed mobile featuring 3 plush characters and a wind-up, musical mechanism.
£27.27 £29.99
Lamaze Mittens the Kitten Blankie
Packed with developmental features that promote traditional play patterns, the Blankie is sized just right for baby's little hands.
£7.49 £10.99
Lamaze Night Night Owl
Safe to place inside your baby's cot, the owl is easy to activate for little hands and features an auto shut-off function.
£16.99 £21.99
Lamaze P & G Pupsqueak Toy
Pet his nose to hear him bark! Cute little Puppy sure to keep your little one happy with his smiley face!
£9.49 £10.49
Lamaze P & G Rusty The Robot Toy
A cute textured robot toy featuring ribbons, clinking and clanking.
£9.99 £13.99
Lamaze P&G Captain Calamari Toy
Captain Calamari featuring great textures and surprise mirror.
£8.99 £10.49
Lamaze Pippin the Puppy Blankie
Cute character blankie with plush animal head. Baby can play with the paws & explore the soft textured panels.
£7.49 £9.99
Lamaze Play & Grow  Bella the Bunny
Baby can feel all the different fabrics and textures and crunch Bella's colourful crinkle ears and chew on her knottie legs.
£9.99 £11.99
Lamaze Play & Grow Flutterbug
Stretch the flutterbug out then watch it wiggle back into place!
£10.49 £11.99
Lamaze Play & Grow Freddie the Firefly Toy
Great colourful toy filled with different textures and sounds to keep baby entertained.
£10.99 £11.99
Lamaze Play & Grow Huey The Hedgehog
Huey the Hedgehog is full of developmental features that are fun and stimulate baby's senses.
£10.99 £11.99
Lamaze Play & Grow Jacques the Peacock  Toy
A multi textured toy with beautiful colours and a great link to attach everywhere you go.
£9.99 £10.99
Lamaze Play & Grow Purring Percival
Percival has lots of bright colours and interesting textures and ribbons for baby to explore.
Lamaze Play & Grow Tilly Twinklewings
A new girly addition to the Play & Grow range, Luna the Unicorn brings some sparkle to baby’s stroller.
Lamaze Play & Grow Toots The Toucan
Lots of bright colours and interesting textures and ribbons for baby to explore.
LAMAZE Rainbow Glow Rattle
"Give the Rainbow Glow Rattle from Lamaze a shake and watch three contrasting rainbow shades come and go.
£8.99 £11.99
Lamaze Rainbow Glow Rosie Cot Musical Toy
Rainbow Glow Rosie is a perfect companion before bedtime. Her tummy lights up with soft changing lights and a soothing melody.
£18.99 £21.99
Lamaze Shine and Sounds Shelly
Those eyes, they're looking at you! And yours will soon be looking Shelly.
£20.99 £22.99
Lamaze Soft Activity Puzzle Toy
Beautifully crafted and coloured activity book, shapes and colours and both sides.
£15.99 £16.99
Lamaze Sonny the Glowing Bunny
Some blush when the attention turns on them, but it's Sonny's tummy that glows when he's in the limelight!
£19.99 £24.99
Lamaze Yo Ho Horace
Turn Horace over - and over again - and listen out for the sounds of the sea!
Rylie Racoon
With eight different textures for your baby to explore with high-contrast fabrics to stimulate the senses sure to keep baby happy for hours.
£11.49 £11.99
Spider in socks
Spider in Socks is a cute and cuddly little spider that you won’t mind hanging around. Pull down and watch him climb back up his rainbow web and vibrates with delight!
£11.49 £11.99
Twist And Turn Hatchlings
Cute cheeky chicks featuring a new improved suction cup that lets you place the toy safely on a variety of surfaces in the nursery or highchair.